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Basic Instinct is a crime prevention course designed for women. The purpose of the course is to give all women the tools to insure their future personal safety. Most consider self-protection to be a luxury, but the reality is that one in four women in the United States will be a victim of an attempted violent assault or rape in their lifetime. Basic Instinct can improve the odds that women will be the determinant of a violent situation’s outcome, rather than the victim. Though six classes Basic Instinct will provide practical self-protection skills for yourself or other women in your life that you love and wish to protect.


Basic Instinct is about awareness, trust in yourself, and freedom. We believe that health and happiness are synonymous with how we feel about our own sense of security. Therefore, we prepare our students to:

* Identify and avoid predators before an assault can occur.

* In worst case scenarios, disrupt a violent assault and escape.

Basic Instinct was created by a private group of school teachers, parents, and crime prevention practitioners. Our dream is to bring the Basic Instinct program to high schools and colleges across America to reduce the crime statistics of violence against women. Basic Instinct is excited to partner its educational programs with the Its on Us campaign


Basic Instinct has been legally registered to do business in Los Angeles since 2010. We are the first Women’s Self-Protection Business registered with this name and methodology. Anyone calling themselves Basic Instinct or versions thereof that is not specifically affiliated with our trademark and staff, has merely copied our name and has no affiliation or relationship with our legitimate business. We offer only self-protection training for women, and will never sell you anything else. Even shopping for Self-Protection requires caution and care, so please shop safely! Most of the students who have joined the Basic Instinct family have done so on referral.