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The Course: Basic Instinct is a six week self-protection training course for women based in Hollywood, California. Basic Instinct combines environmentally specific awareness training, and brutal self defense skills.

The Defining Difference: This course is unique because we train in real environments we know statistically play a primary role in how, when, and where woman are most often assaulted. By training in real environments we are giving our students a real advantage over the predators that lurk there, not to mention, its fun! This type of training cannot be replicated in a dojo or a gym for obvious reasons. No predator is going to attack someone on a soft mat and simply stop because we have ‘tapped out.’ The attack will come within the environments in which we live, work, and travel. The predator’s intent may be robbery, rape, kidnapping, theft, or murder. Therefore, we believe our students’ preparation in real environments where predators operate is the best line of defense against a real assault.

Our philosophy: Consider a storm; dark clouds, wind, a cold dropping of temperature, and the rumble of thunder. These are the warning signs that join together before a storm becomes a destructive force. We recognize these signs and take cover, move off the street, and get out of the way. Basic Instinct trains women to recognize violence in the same way: a culmination of specific people and specific environments which, with the proper training, can be recognized and navigated safely. Equally as important, students will be trained to respond to a violent assailant with easy to learn combat skills that skip fancy ‘moves’ and focus on how to most efficiently end a violent attack. These combat skills are designed to be easily learned in our six week course. Simple and effective strikes and kicks are our emphasis, but, we’ll teach our students the less conventional forms of fighting too, which are meanly effective.